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News: SC Production supplies AI media server to Sound of Music

SC Production recently supplied an AI media server to Sound of Music (SOM) for Wavelength Connect, part of a six-month leadership programme. Lighting Designer and AI media server operator Steve Cohu worked with SOM to produce a dynamic lighting design and seamless projection map onto their stretched Lycra screen.

Usually when mapping onto an unusual surface, a 3D model is made of the set elements. On this occasion, this could not be achieved as the screen could not be accurately reproduced until it was installed.

The plan was to use auto-blend, but due to light conditions in the venue it wasn’t possible to use camera-based blending.  Fortunately, Ai provides a number of powerful projection mapping tools, and Grid Warp was used for the blend and Live Map to provide an exact reproduction of the screen shape. The resulting image was a crisp blend and a highly accurate map.

AI was not only used to provide the video map but also supplied switching for several presentation computers via a quad SDI capture card, matrix routing for comfort monitors and Logo image keying.

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