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Course Information

The course cost's 250 for up to 5 people + travel expenses + VAT

The basic 1 day course is designed to teach the fundamental sound engineering skills required to provide a consistent and high quality sound within a church setting.

The course is suitable for both established users and beginners.

Each of the 9 sections teaches the trainee how different parts of sound systems work and how best to use them. It will also help the trainee better understand the equipment he or she already uses and provide the technical knowledge of how to make improvements.

Section 9 is a practical exercise in which each trainee will have the opportunity to try out the techniques they have learnt with a real band*.

*note the band will be provided by means of a multitrack recorder.

Topics Covered:

  • Section 1: Overview of Equipment Types and Uses:
    Microphones, DI’s, speakers, mixers etc.
  • Section 2: Cables & Connections:
    What is the Difference and Why?
  • Section 3: Microphones and DI’s (Direct Injection Boxes)
    Detailed Description.
  • Section 4: Basic PA System Setup:
    General Principles of Setting Up Your System.
  • Section 5: Mixer Functions:
    Layout and functions.
  • Section 6: Line Check, Setting Levels & Sound Check:
    How to Get the Best out of Your System.
  • Section 7: EQ & Feedback Management:
    How to Make it Sound Good and Stop that Annoying Howl!
  • Section 8: Mixing techniques.
  • Section 9: Practical.
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