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DBX DriveRack PA

• Setup Wizard Steps Through Speaker and Amp Selection and Levels

• Auto EQ™ Wizard with 28-Band RTA Tunes Your System For The Venue

• AFS™ Wizard Helps Eliminate Feedback

• Stereo Feedback Elimination with 12 feedback notch filters

• dbx 120A Sub-harmonic Synthesizer

• Classic dbx Input Compression

• JBLŽ Speaker and CrownŽ Power Amp Tunings included

• Full time RTA function

• Front-Panel Output Mutes

• Pink Noise Generator (used with Auto EQ and Auto Level Wizards)

• Linked Stereo DSP Processing for ease of use

• 24-Bit ADC/24-Bit DAC, >113 dB Dynamic Range

• 2-Channel XLR Input and 6-Channel XLR Output

• 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 2x6 Crossover Configurations

• Dual 28-band Graphic EQ- Linked or Dual Mono

• Stereo Multi-band Parametric EQ

• Stereo Output Limiters

• Output Alignment Delay

• Power on/off Mute Circuitry

• Front-panel RTA-M XLR input with phantom power

• 25 User Programs/25 Factory Programs

• Full Graphic LCD Display

• Front Panel Input and Output Meters

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